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About us


“Fine crafted leather accessories for any occasion.
Inspired by British and African Heritage, instilled with subtle quality.”

‘KÀDÀRÀ’ [pronounced Kah-dah-rah] is a Yoruba (Nigerian) word; the English translation is ‘Destiny’. 

The journey of ‘KÀDÀRÀ’ began in 2020 (Est. MMXX) after an inspirational trip to Nigeria. As a result, our designs are inspired by British and African heritage, mainly from Nigeria. 

The brand name ‘KÀDÀRÀ’ was chosen by us because it was important to choose a brand name that had a message/meaning and a purpose - this is our ethos. 

It is an African Tradition that names have unique stories behind them, from the day or time of birth, even the circumstances surrounding can influence a chosen name.

Ask about our product names too! 

‘KÀDÀRÀ’ in essence has a similar meaning to; “c’est la vie or que será, será, قدر” - ‘KÀDÀRÀ’/Destiny – it is the belief you are where you’re supposed to be, trust the process and in the end it’ll work out for you. 

However we do believe you can control your 'KADARA' and put your own stamp on your Destiny' so we offer a personalisation service on your items purchased from us.

You may see a leopard 🐆 on logo, what’s that about? This represents our promise to provide you with ‘Subtle Quality’ & we think Leopards are majestic animals so hopefully you’ll feel the same way about our brand!